Birthday Gift Postcards

Gather New Business!    Create Customer Loyalty!    Increase Repeat Business!
Reactivate Inactive Customers!     Build Positive PR in Your Community!
Birthday mailings are a great way to
present a special offer to potential
new customers on a special occasion.
We get lists of people in your area with birthdays
in the following month.
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Using a powerful, cost effective way of communicating with neighbors makes sense.

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Birthday Postcard Marketing helps you increase business...
                         profit quickly, easily & inexpensively!

Here's the 1,2,3 of it!

 Tell us HOW MANY (men, women or both), their age range, Income and zip codes or within a

2.  We send postcards to them with YOUR OFFER (it's a gift, the more appealing, the better)  

3.  Sit back and ENJOY the response and the increased business!

    It's that simple!!!

    Your birthday program renews automatically each month, but may
    be cancelled before the next mailing so you are not locked into any
    long-term commitments.
When you are facing a slow economy - everyone is looking for ways to stretch their money as far as
it will go.

So - get on the ball with promotion…promoting birthdays.  Even though there are many industries
affected by the economy, a successful direct mail program can still be lucrative in helping certain
business owners increase new customers!

By acquiring mailing lists containing birthdays of a specific target market, a business can send a
birthday card to a specific person with a special offer enticing them to try out a new business, or an
existing one, with a special service or offer - good for the entire month of the recipients birthday.

And the list goes on ... and on ...             
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Send Birthday Gift Postcards and make money.
For example, a spa can mail to women, between the age of 35 and 65,
with an income level of $40,000 and above, within a 5 mile radius of the
spa, offering a free manicure or a free ½ hour massage with a purchase
of a facial.

Or a restaurant can mail to men and women between the ages of 25 and
60, with a minimum income level of $50,000, living in a single family
home, within the zip code of 60015, to enjoy dinner for $20.00 OFF, when
a second dinner of equal or greater value is purchased.

Another example might be a postcard from a men's store, to men from 40
- 60 years in age, with an income level of $60,000 and above, within a 3
miles radius; offering a $15.00 gift certificate, good towards the purchase
of any men's clothing item.
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