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Why chose AMG over another firm?

Honesty and results are the most prominent deliverables we bring to our clients. This in itself is a point of
differentiation compared to many marketing firms out there. Traditional marketing firms are more concerned about
billings - than making an impact.  They will give up on an idea, telling the client “what they want to hear,” rather than
sticking to their guns on a project direction.

We’d rather be fired from a project or go against popular consensus if we truly believe in something that is in our
client’s best interest. We are not afraid to die on that hill. We only work with clients that demonstrate they are ready
to grow, and ones that we think we’ll enjoy working with. It’s in the best interest of all involved. However, our clients
do not hire us because we’re nice people. It is true that we’re not pretentious, and we genuinely care about our
clients, but the main reason we are hired is our ability to help our clients reach the next level.

We’re also different because our programs are not centered around glitz and glamour that is often identified with
the marketing world. Most traditional agencies will pitch you on television spots or big-time sponsorships before
they even understand your business. Marketing is about selling more items or services to more people more often
for more money. How is the most efficient way to facilitate this in your business with your resources? No hidden

How did you create the name Armour Marketing Group?

It is the last name of the founder and creator, Denise Armour.  As we started working with various kinds of
companies we kept the name because it properly identified our philosophy – protecting the investment of our

Is Distance an Issue?

Distance is not an issue in the world of marketing and public relations. Because of the contacts and technology we
have, we can work with clients in San Francisco and Boston just as easily as one in Orlando and Miami.

When we initiate your public relations and/or marketing campaign, a AMG account manager visits you in person to
conduct initial interviews, experience your company’s “personality”, gather high-resolution images and gain an in-
depth understanding of your organization. Then, in the following weeks and months, the writing and media
relations tasks, and special events coordination, are performed from the AMG office in suburban Chicago.
The key to effective marketing and public relations is not about location. Instead, it’s about having the right ideas
and tools. With these essential elements, a marketing consulting firm can effectively perform its job – regardless of
where the client is based.

What kind of companies does Armour Marketing Group usually work with?
We work equally with business-to-consumer models and business-to-business models. The principles we apply
are effective in many industries.

How does Armour Marketing Group justify its fees?

Compared to traditional agencies, our fees are more reasonable, as is our focus on local  marketing, grassroots
marketing, internet marketing and public relations rather than mass media advertising. When we stop moving the
meter for our clients, we will cease to exist. We approach every project asking “how can we get this client 10 times
what they paid us in measurable value back?”

Do the same principles for marketing apply across the board for the various industries?

Absolutely. However, the specific “tactics” are always custom tailored. We never use off-the-rack solutions. We
bring experience from many business segments and industries.

What results does Armour Marketing Group typically produce for clients?

It varies by client. We always aim for double-digit improvements in sales, and we frequently achieve triple-digit
improvements. The results will depend on many factors, including the economy, implementation team, resources,
current business health, follow-through and buy-in.

We start by understanding the objectives of our clients and then work backwards from there. It’s basically
visualizing yourself at your destination (say – San Diego), and then looking back at your location on a map to plot
the course you would have taken to get there. This may sound simplistic, but it just takes conditioning to make the
shift in the way you approach reaching objectives.

We have asked the question of new clients – what would you have if you could have anything you wanted for your
company? What does the end result look like? The answer we frequently get to start is “well, increase our sales,
what else?” If this company had sales of $1 higher than the year previous it would have achieved its objective.  We
dig deeper to distinguish what they REALLY want. Then we work backwards from that vision to map out the
objectives that must happen to achieve the stated objectives and ultimate vision.

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