“As a result of using happy birthday postcards, we have  
    new customers coming into our restaurant every month.  
    This has truly increased our business.  

    We're thrilled!  And birthday celebrants never come in
    alone!  Our return on our investment has been well
    worth it.  Our staff and customers love it and we've
    recently added an 'In-House' Birthday Program to add
    to our success."
                                                   -Brian Jason,
                                     The Barn of  Barrington,
                                     Barrington, IL

    "This is so easy to start up and to continue - the birthday
    postcards are amazingly simple and affordable -  and the
    best part is ... it brings in customers!  It works!  We mail  
    300 postcards each month and get 40+ redeemed! Thats
    13% redemption!"
                                              -Andy Kiraly
                                The Office Restaurant & Lounge
                                Toms River, NJ

    "I've been using birthday direct mail postcards
    since June 2004.  It takes no effort or time on
    our part and it brings in new customers every month!  
    It's really easy."
                                                 -Joe Passerelli
                                   DeRango's, The Pizza King,
                                   Kenosha, WI
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300 birthday
for $282!

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Restaurant Postcard Marketing  
Prospect New Customers &
Build Customer Loyalty!

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Restaurants Use Birthdays to -  
    - Gather New Business!
    - Create Customer Loyalty!
    - Increase Repeat Business!
    - Reactivate Inactive Customers!
    - Build Positive PR!
FACT:    The National Restaurant Association reports that 7 out of 10 people eat out on their
birthday or on someone else's birthday...making Birthdays, the #1 occasion for eating
out in a restaurant.

Wouldn't it make sense to take advantage of this fact?
If most people are already planning to eat out for their birthday, why
shouldn't they come celebrate at your restaurant?

AMG makes restaurant mailings using postcards simple to do and
economical too.  

We concentrate on the technical, creative and delivery aspects of your postcard marketing and
leave you free to concentrate on the other things you have to do to keep your restaurant

Everyone loves to be remembered for their Birthday! The psychology behind this is powerful!!!!

The Birthday Postcard Program offers a quick and simple solution to save your customers money
and bring them back for more.  And ...
Birthday Celebrants never come in alone!     

Limited Ad Budget?   No Direct Mail Experience?  Short on Time and Staff?
The Birthday Postcard Marketing Program is ideal for you because it's easy to start and maintain,
it's effective, economical and affordable.  Your community and your staff will love it!
It's not uncommon for our Birthday Postcards to get a 10 - 15% response rate.

That's fifteen times the national average for direct mail.

How much does it cost?

Our Birthday Postcards Marketing Program is much more
affordable than our competition. We don't require you to send
thousands of cards a month!

The minimum mailing is 400 cards in any month, at our 'All-Inclusive' price of $.98 each!  
That's a
cost of $392!  And ... the good news is - there's ...


Your birthday program renews automatically each month, but may be cancelled before the next
mailing so you are not locked into any long-term commitments.

    The All-Inclusive Price Includes:
  • Professionally designed layouts,
  • Stock Photography or Your Images, whatever your prefer,
  • Specially written text, with your offer and features of your restaurant,
  • Your complete contact information, (name, logo, address, phone, website),
  • The redemption expiration date, (end of their Birthday month),
  • And any disclaimer necessary, (Not good on Holidays, etc)
  • A "hard-to-find" Birthday mailing list, by age, income, household and zip code,
  • Mailing services, once a month.
  • First-class postage to insure timely delivery,
  • A list of the names we've mailed to each month, included with your invoice.
works for all types
of  businesses!

Nail Salons,
Gift Shops,
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Just send a minimum of 400 birthday postcards, with no limit to the maximum - send 400, 475,
580, 623, or more - that's up to you!

Send to
a radius around your location or to an entire zip code or to just a few within a zip code -
we don't care!  Once you claim a
radius or zip code - it's yours!  

This program is exclusive!  As long as you are sending cards with us - your
chosen zip codes and investment are protected.  

Only one Birthday Postcard, from one restaurant, will go to that Birthday
Celebrant!!!!    No one else makes this commitment to you.
Birthday Gift Postcards bring in customers!
Neighborhood marketing at it's best!
Win new customers with Restaurant Postcard Marketing!

Birthday Postcard Marketing helps you increase business and profit -
               quickly, easily & inexpensively.

Here's the 1,2,3 of it!

 Tell us HOW MANY (men women or both), their age range, Income and either use a radius
around your address or use zip codes.

2.  We'll send YOUR OFFER (it's a gift; the more appealing, the better)  Our research and
testing has proven, the best results come from a no-strings-attached gift.

You are giving your neighbors a gift for their birthday.  The idea
behind this is to make a customer for life - so once they're in your
restaurant, treat them like gold...give them and their guests the
royal treatment, up-sell to them, develop these important
relationships through great service and a memorable                   
experience - because that's where the "viral marketing" begins!

The Birthday Celebrant never comes in alone, so you'll have the    
chance to impress more than one person with this gift! And  - the   
continue with this program is priceless!  The PR will continue to
grow as long as you keep sending Birthday Postcards.  

They will tell everyone about the great time they had at your
restaurant and how they got this Birthday Gift in the mail!  
Whenever they pass by your restaurant, they will remember the
treatment they received on such an important occasion and be
more likely to come in again and again!

Remember - There are no contracts! Seasonal mailings are
accepted and as long as you are mailing into a zip code, no other
restaurant can mail into that zip code until it's released.
This works for any type of restaurant in good standing.
People love to celebrate birthdays - why not with you?
Birthday parties spend more than the average.
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If you have
Email Addresses,
ask us about our
Email Birthday
Armour Marketing Group has developed Birthday
Marketing to entice people in your community, to celebrate
with their friends and family at
your restaurant!

The cards arrive in the home the first of each month,
giving them the entire month to redeem their gift  from you.
Have your own database?

If you already have your own database or several fishbowls full of business cards, we can create
and manage your databases or fulfill the mailing and other services above on an ala carte basis.
Ask us about this service!  1847-882-7172

    "We love our postcard and the returns we get with The
    Birthday Postcard Program are higher the national
    average for direct mail"
                                Greeneville, TN