Ask yourself the tough questions.  

    Do you really know your target audience?
    Do you market to them like you know them?   
    Where are they?  
    How do I reach them?  
    What's the most appropriate way?  
    How do I cultivate prospects into customers.  
    How do I develop their loyalty?  

Let us help you find the answers and the new customers you deserve by using
the most basic, affordable and appropriate strategies for your business. We offer
many ways to help you:

Advertising Analysis
AMG provides a creative analysis service which examines your project line by line,
and suggests ways to improve your impression, image, message, envelope copy,
headlines, body copy, call to action, offer, strategy and more. All with the intent to
improve what you already have.

Birthday Postcard Program
Do you have a Birthday Program?  You should!  Everyone loves to be recognized
for their important day!  This is a simple direct mail campaign that increases
business and strengthens relationships by sending Birthday Postcards with a special
gift to the recipient.

Collateral Materials Design
Does your business look good in print?  Establish a unique identity, color palette and
image that is consistent throughout all of  your materials.  Strengthen the "WOW" factor
of your Brand. We'll do everything from make business flyers to brochures, letterhead and

What do you say and how do you say it?  Do you have a concise and memorable marketing message?  A Tag
Line?  A Mission Statement?  A Unique Selling Proposition? (There's that fancy jargon!)  We'll help you create a
marketing messages that's concise, memorable and effective.

Customer Relationship Management Programs or CRM
Marketing and customer relation management  go hand in hand. It is an absolute
necessity for today's businesses.  The best customer relationship management
techniques depend on the industry, but in each case - build loyalty and expand the
bottom line quickly.

Direct Mail
Do you know what direct mail is?  How it works?  Do you send anything but invoices to your clients?  It's time to
venture out!  Send Postcards, Brochures, Sales Letters and Flyers that get attention.
Restaurant Postcard Marketing.

Email Marketing
We offer a way you can send professional email newsletters invitations and promotions
yourself and keep your business in front of your customers.
With Constant Contact you can build your email list, creative eye-catching emails in
minutes and track results. Easy, affordable and  free for 60 days.

Event Planning & Execution

    Grand Openings
    Celebrate your business like it's your last day on earth!  Get the attention you
    desire to help kick off a great beginning!

    Networking Events
    Whether you're attending or hosting a networking event, we can help you meet
    new prospects easily or attract new clients in an exciting and fun way.
Are you a small business owner or manager
trying to attract more clients?

Need help managing your marketing project?

Armour Marketing Group
has been voted
#1 Marketing Consultants in Hoffman Estates!
We createsmall business flyers
Sales Training

    Telemarketing Training and Related Services
    Enrich your staff with strategies that work or have us perform your telemarketing for you.

    Sales Staff Training
    Let us help you educate your sales staff with the use of  "Consultative Sales" techniques.  Problem Solving
    at it's best.

Website Design and Development

    Web Building
    Site architecture, copy writing and creative design that is user friendly.

    SEO/ Internet Marketing
    What good is a site no one sees?  Optimizing your Home Page with Keywords.  Use budget conscious
    online marketing techniques, link building and more.

    Off-Page Optimization
    Build site credibility, use Directory Submissions, link exchanges, etc.

    Viral Marketing
    Get people talking about you, forwarding your emails and newsletters! Build advocate relationships quickly!
    We build this into your emails easily!
Link Exchange
If you're serious about getting more traffic and higher search engine rankings, you'll
need to develop a linking strategy for your website.  You should get listed with large
directories, as well as smaller directories focused on your industry or niche.  Let us do
it for you.

Loyalty Programs
Treating your best customers like kings is good for business. Let us show you the
many ways you can build this important element into your everyday.

Mailing List Acquisition
When you think of lists - do you only think of "To-Do" lists?  Wake up and smell your
target audience!  You need to start with - the right list for maximum ROI.

Newsletters - Printed
We offer full service newsletter design, newsletter writing and newsletter publishing
services. Whether it's a marketing newsletter, company newsletter or employee
newsletter, we can handle every detail, including printing and mailing.

Email Newsletters
We create Email Newsletters helping businesses and organizations successfully connect to their customers,
clients, and members through professional email marketing and survey communications.

On-Hold Scripting
Are you ever placed on-hold when you make a phone call?   Well.. make your ON-Hold time fun, creative,
informative and interesting.  It will pay off!

Presentation Development
Let us create a fun, interesting Power Point presentations for you.
    Trade Show Participation
    Pre and post show promotion. Exhibit design, ROI guidance.  Sponsorships,
    Tie-In Promotions all add to your potential success.

Flyer Graphic Design
Flyers are an affordable way to promote feature and benefits of your business at
trade shows, networking opportunities in your community, at fairs and more.

Graphic Design
Pictures speak a thousand words.  Get help creating amazing marketing pieces that
promote your unique brand and get noticed.

Logo Design
Every business needs a logo. We offer two ways to get a logo Fast!  Create your own.
Or we'll create it for you!  
Need a logo?   Click Here!
Online marketing is the key to your website success

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